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Creating that amazing interior can be a daunting and confusing task. The good news is The Blind Company can help you achieve that stunning co-ordinated look in your style to suit your budget. At the heart of our designer packages are five stunning collections of fabric, curtains, bed linen, rugs, cushions, wallpaper, wall art, throws and more, all of which work beautifully together. That’s just for starters too. Our Designers can work with you to put together bespoke package’s unique to you and our curtain fitters will ensure the installation is perfect.

Our window dressings will help to transform your rooms to make them stunning and our designers will help you transform your house into a home.Should you be looking for something different that is not in  our five co-ordinated design packages we can easily supply fabrics from most UK designers and fabric houses to make your project truly unique, so no matter what your taste we will be able to supply and install something to suit you. Our fabrics are sourced from the leading UK and International design houses such as

Curtain Headings

​Curtain headings come in many styles. The four most popular ones are…

Pencil Pleated

This very popular style of heading is made by sewing the curtains to a 75mm wide tape that usually consists of three rows of string threaded through it for three hook positions to suit all types of tracks & poles. When the string is pulled it forms the pencil like folds. Tapes can be narrower or indeed wider but the 75mm is by far the most popular.

When used for a heading on a valance it is a common mistake to use too little fabric. A valance should always be tighter and fuller than the curtains so to achieve this increase the valance by two more widths than your curtains. So if your curtains are 2.5 widths the valance should be 4.5 widths.

Pinch Pleated Heading

Pinch pleat curtains are elegant, versatile and one of the most practical headings for curtains.​

They form precise pleats that always hang and fold uniformly, whether they are hung from a curtain pole or track. Pinch pleated curtains have 3 pleats followed by a space. Also be known as “triple pleat” or “French pleat”

Apart from the uniform folds, the other advantage pinch pleated curtains have is the ‘stacks’ (when the curtain is fully open) are tighter than pencil pleated curtains making them ideal for bay windows or when you have limited space to stack the curtains off the glass area of your window.

Eyelet Heading

Eyelet curtains, sometimes reffered to as Ring Top curtains are a contemporary curtain heading for use with curtain poles. Eyelet heading gives large even soft pleats and are so called because they have metal rings at the top of the curtain in place of a normal header tape. This means that not as much material is needed in an eyelet curtain as they don’t need to be gathered the same way as a curtain with a taped heading. The metal eyelet rings come in many different finishes – brushed metal, antique gold, brass to name but a few. Eyelet curtains are not suitable for curtain tracks, with valances or for bay windows. They are designed to be clean cut and hang straight as oppossed to drapes so are also not suited to tiebacks.

Add fabric covered buttons to Goblet & Pinch pleat headings for that personal touch

Goblet Pleated

The Goblet Heading is a very decorative style of heading and can be dressed in a number of ways.
The fabric is made into a goblet style (hence the name) and padded out to keep its shape.
This is a very formal and traditional style of curtain heading