Duorol Blinds Kent

Duorol Blinds also known as Vision or Day & Night blinds

Made to Measure Duorol Blinds

The Duorol roller blind controls the light by moving the fabric strips, allowing as much or as little light as desired. This particular blind is one of the newest additions to the roller blind family. It has been brand named by numerous other blind companies as the Duo blind, Vision blind, Duo roller and Day & Night blind. Regardless, they are all the same thing!
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Why Choose Duorol (Day/Night) Blinds

This innovative new window blind boasts two layers of translucent and opaque horizontal striped fabric that move independently from each other like a regular roller blind, it can be operated fully up or down. The stylish top housing cassette is finished in the current on-trend colours and can even have a fabric insert to match your blind.

How Duorol (Day/Night) Blinds operate

Your blind has various positional settings:  In the open position, the blind allows you to see out but allows an element of privacy from anyone looking in. When the blind is closed it creates total privacy.

However, if you want your window unobstructed in any way, the blind retracts into a stylishly designed top cassette.The cassette not only houses the blind, but also its operating mechanism.

Duorol Blinds can be operated manually by a chain mechanism or can be automated and controlled via voice recognition or an app on your phone or tablet. The practical and versatile Duorol blinds bring you not only quality and design but excellent manufacturing standards. 

Speak to The Blind Company team today to find out more about Duorol (Day/Night) or any other type of blinds or shutters.

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