Velux & Skylight Blinds Kent

Made to Measure Velux & Skylight Blinds

Blackout or Roller? Pleated or Venetian?

Whichever type of blind you choose, there’s one thing you can be certain of with a Velux blind – Not only have they been designed with supreme functionality in mind, they’ve been created to be sleek and beautiful.

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Why Choose Velux & Skylight Blinds

From the operation of the blind itself to the eye-catching and contemporary choice of fabrics and materials.

The Velux blackout blind offers a lightproof seal for complete darkness anytime. It is a perfect solution for bedrooms, where you may require complete light control to ensure a good night’s sleep or a well needed nap during the day.

Whether you require your blinds for flat roof glazing in a living space, bedroom or kitchen area we have the right solution for you. Our skylight pleated blinds sometimes also referred to as Duette blinds are essentially two or more pleated blinds back to back so that they form a Honeycomb shape making them perfect blackout blinds. This is beneficial for energy saving as it helps to retain heat better than most other blinds. Also due to the cellular effect of the fabric the lift cords that are visible on a pleated blind are hidden as they run through the fabric giving you the perfect blackout skylight blind.
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