Panel Blinds

Panel blinds offer a lovely contemporary look and is perfect for larger windows. They are ideally suited for use on patio doors, or in conservatories where floor-to-ceiling glass panes are common. In addition to being versatile window treatments these blinds can also be used as partitions within rooms, to hide away say an office or kitchen area.

The primary advantage of using this type of blind is the ability to block out light in larger window spaces, to maintain privacy and avoid the sun’s glare. As large windows typically tend to be located in areas where people enjoy the sun – such as conservatories, it is useful that the blinds can also be drawn to either side of the window rather like a curtain. The cord control for this movement can be made right or left handed irrespective of what ways the panels will stack.

We offer our panel blinds in an extensive range of colours and fabrics with both patterned and plain options available, as well as translucent, solid or woven materials. Our wide selection includes diverse fabrics such as suede alongside fabrics with special features -including blackout protection, moisture resistance and energy saving and flame retardant properties. To see our full range book a FREE home consultation today.